511 Rideau – Rideau Mews: the owners story…


511 Rideau- Rideau Mews is a historical loft type building in Ottawa, ON. We had the opportunity to interview the owner of five of the six condo units in the building. She had some interesting responses to our questions…



When did you purchase these units?

Our first purchase was in 2004.  The last one was in 2012.







Why did you choose this building? 

We loved the architecture, the high ceilings, the marble fireplaces, the foot high baseboards, original wood flooring, solid wood doors, fantastic original trim, seven foot high windows…and we loved its potential too. There was extensive renovations and restoration done in the past 9 years, both in the units as well as the building as a whole.


We also chose this building because of its location. We love big cities (New York, Paris, Buenos Aires) and what these cities have in common is that many of the residents live in buildings that are right up to the sidewalk, on major roads that encourage foot traffic, as well as bicycles alongside the cars.  We wanted to be in the middle of the activity of the downtown core in Ottawa too.


We were aware that the city was planning on rejuvenating Rideau Street.  We just didn’t know it was going to take another 9 years!  But we are glad we were patient.  The work is well underway and will be finished next year.  The city has done a tremendous job – widening and modernizing the sidewalks to encourage more foot traffic, adding bicycle lanes and traffic calming initiatives,  including public artwork, adding greenery and brand new streetlights.





What is the current use of these units? 

All 6 units are private residences.


What is your favourite feature of the building? 

Our favourite feature is its uniqueness.  We have visited every other historical building condo conversion in the city over the past 10 years and we have not found any other building that compares.  Each unit is unique and custom, including the floor plan.  No cookie-cutter design here!

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