Condo corporations are required to maintain a “reserve fund”.  The money held in the reserve fund account is used to fund major repairs to the condo’s common elements.  Onsite reserve fund studies are conducted every six years, with updates to the studies (without site inspection) occurring at the three year mark between the onsite …

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HST rebates are available to purchasers of new condominiums.  If you are purchasing the unit to occupy it yourself, the rebate can be credited to you immediately on closing.  This provides an added incentive to home buyers to purchase new construction as they don’t need to pay the full tax and claim the rebate afterwards. …

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Mastercraft Starwood, a Toronto developer has proposed to build two 27 storey condo towers in Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood. The potential site is located at the corner of O’Connor and Gilmour Street. Send us an e-mail at if you have any specific questions about this project. Look forward to hearing from you!