“Hot off the Grill” – BBQs on Condo Balconies

bbq balcony

Summer and barbecues go hand in hand, and that is no different for those living in condos who want to enjoy a meal cooked on the grill while sitting on their balcony.  Neither the Ontario Fire Code nor the Technical Standards and Safety Authority prevent the use of barbecues on balconies – their use is subject to the same regulations as any other homeowner.

Though a municipality may pass a by-law preventing the use of a barbecue on a balcony, no such by-law exists for the City of Ottawa.

Despite the lack of restrictions on barbecue use, relevant condominium documents may say otherwise.  Be sure to have your lawyer review the condo declaration, by-laws and rules to ensure that barbecue use is permitted if that is a priority to you.

-written by: Andre Munroe


Andre MunroeAndre Munroe is the official lawyer of Ottawa Condo Network. He specializes in condominium sales and purchases under the local law firm Kelly Santini. Click here to read his bio or to contact him directly.





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