Pets in condos- are they welcome?


Are pets allowed in this condo building? Your friend says “no,” your realtor says “yes,” the mailman says “no.” The good news is that there is always a correct answer. Rules regarding pets differ between buildings. Details can be found in the condominium documents. When you make an offer to purchase a condominium, these documents are sent to your lawyer. Bottom line, ask your lawyer.

A word from Andre:

“If you’re moving into a condo and have a pet or are plan on having a pet, be sure to inform your lawyer and have him or her review relevant condominium documentation to determine if there are any condo rules relating to pets.  Though there are instances where pet restriction provisions have not been upheld, the opposite also holds true – so it’s best to get familiar with the rules and try to stay “above board” rather than face a potential battle with your condo board.”

-Andre Munroe


Andre MunroeAndre Munroe is the official lawyer of Ottawa Condo Network. He specializes in condominium sales and purchases under the local law firm Kelly Santini. Click here to read his bio or to contact him directly.





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