Searching for the best condo view in the city…

The downtown cityscape, the Gatineau Hills, Elgin Street on a Saturday night, your neighbour’s balcony…whatever condo view captures your eye, we want to see it. From your third floor window or your rich uncle’s private penthouse terrace, we’d like to see Ottawa as you see it, from all condo angles.


Next time you’re admiring the landscape from an Ottawa condo window (your own, your friend’s, your boss’, your mother’s…) record the view and post it here. Whether it’s a picturesque perspective of Parliament, or a sunset over Mooney’s Bay, or the eroding brick wall of the building across from you, photograph it and post it here. Focus your vintage SLR camera, or Instagram it…whatever works for you. Ottawa Condo Network gives you a forum to display your view, and see how appreciated it is.


The photo with the most ‘likes’ wins a free haircut at Rinaldo’s, Ottawa’s most prestigious hair salon, housed in 90 George, one of Ottawa’s most prestigious condos. Arguably the most luxurious address in Ottawa, 90 George is home to residents who appreciate the finer things in life: beautiful space, amazing amenities, personal concierge services. Experience part of the pampering lifestyle this condo offers as Rinaldo’s skilled stylists take care of you.


Enter as often as you like. ‘Likes’ will be tabulated and the winner declared on October 18th.

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