“Hot off the Grill” – BBQs on Condo Balconies

Summer and barbecues go hand in hand, and that is no different for those living in condos who want to enjoy a meal cooked on the grill while sitting on their balcony.  Neither the Ontario Fire Code nor the Technical Standards and Safety Authority prevent the use of barbecues on balconies – their use is […]

160 George: standing the test of time

160 George is commonly referred to as “The St.George” and is considered Ottawa’s first downtown luxurious condominium. 160 George is a prime example of condominiums standing the test of time.  What makes 160 George stand out: Exceptional property management. The condo fees have been on target for the past 25 years. On average the price […]

Wallis House- Loft Living

Check out this old photo showing the original advertisement for lofts for sale at Wallis House (589 Rideau). All lofts were sold within 24 hours of advertising! Hard to imagine that some of these lofts were selling for around $100,000. Today there are a number of lofts available in Wallis House (589 Rideau) ranging from […]

Searching for the best condo view in the city…

The downtown cityscape, the Gatineau Hills, Elgin Street on a Saturday night, your neighbour’s balcony…whatever condo view captures your eye, we want to see it. From your third floor window or your rich uncle’s private penthouse terrace, we’d like to see Ottawa as you see it, from all condo angles.   Next time you’re admiring […]

511 Rideau – Rideau Mews: the owners story…

511 Rideau- Rideau Mews is a historical loft type building in Ottawa, ON. We had the opportunity to interview the owner of five of the six condo units in the building. She had some interesting responses to our questions… When did you purchase these units? Our first purchase was in 2004.  The last one was […]

Chaudiere Island: a world class community?

It has recently been made public that Windmill Developments has written a ‘letter of intent’ to purchase lands owned by Domtar on the historical Chaudiere Island— located between Ottawa and Gatineau. Windmill Developments aspires to build a mixed-use sustainable community at a world-class level. What will we see on the plans? We suppose a number […]

Charlesfort brings New York-style art deco to Ottawa

  [hr] Art deco is a design style made popular in the 1920-30s, featuring geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, and sharply defined outlines–think Batman’s Gotham City. Watch movies or TV shows set in New York, and you’ll see many iconic buildings reflecting this style. But you don’t have to travel to New York to see examples […]

Little Italy: A Hub For New Condominiums

Take a stroll along the parkway, canoe in Dow’s Lake, a skate along the famous canal, perhaps sampling multicultural foods is your taste- whatever your fancy, Little Italy has it all! Lets take a look at some of the condominium projects proposed and already under construction in Little Italy:  hom by Domicile Developments A 12 […]

The Numbers Behind Condominium Living

235 Kent Street, Ottawa ON

Those currently living in a freehold home, contemplating moving to a condominium sometimes have misconceptions concerning extra living costs. Their objection is usually associated with the condominium fees. Often times, the potential condo buyers mistakenly add the condo fees to all of their current home expenses, when in fact, many of the home maintenance costs […]

Heritage Status

Most of the structures featured in the ‘authentic’ section of Ottawa Condo Network site have a ‘heritage’ property status.This article will discuss what makes a structure special once it has been designated a ‘heritage’ building. A property becomes ‘heritage’ through the passing of a bylaw within the municipality, and once designated, major restrictions are placed […]